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Guru Nanak And His Teachings For Humanity

by: Dr. Harshinder Kaur, Dr. Gurpal Singh

ISBN: 81-87526-67-X

Edition(s): Aug-2019 / 1st

Pages: 148

The book written by the doctor couple from Patiala embodies the philosophy and thoughts of Guru Nanak in consonance with the modern scientific awareness. Lovingly reproduced pictures and text bring out the humanist and reformist philosophy of Guru Nanak. The magnetic personality of Guru Nanak fascinated millions of people in his lifetime and even now his principle of wishing well of all (Sarbat da Bhala), Honest labour (Kirat), Sharing with all (Vand Chhakna), Service and Contemplation (Naam Simran) are as relevant in the present times as were five centuries ago. His revolutionary call to his followers to rebel against the wrongs perpetrated by the ruling class and the societal norms laid the foundation of the Sikh religion