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Extra Set of Strings are Included First String – Ma – F (an octave below middle C) Second String – Sa – C (below the F of first string) Third String – Pa – G (below C of second string) Fourth String – Sa – C (2 octaves below middle C, below G of third string) Fifth String – Pa – G – (above the F of first string) Sixth String – Sa – C (Middle C, above the G of fifth string) Seventh String – Sa – C (Above the C of sixth string)

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Professional Quality Electric Sitar

Magnificent Acoustic Sound

Volume & Tone Controls

Thoroughy Dried Tun Wood Used

¼ Inch Jack 

Mahogany Color

Brass Strings

Kharaj Pancham Style: 7 Main & 13 Sympathetic Strings 

Gear Tuning Pegs for Main Strings

Exquisite Inlay Work & Floral Carving

Camel Bone Handmade Bridges – Mizrabs